Why Us

Though we’d very much like to let our services do the talking, expecting you to take a leap of faith on us, at least for the first time, would still be too much to ask. So, these are the reasons why we believe you’d be happy you chose us, for your honeymoon bookings. 

With over 10 years of experience in the tourism space, we can assure we provide the best-in-class services. Our 7000-member customer base can’t all be wrong. Hear from the horses’ mouth in our testimonials section.

With our experience in designing honeymoon packages gained over 5 years, we can suggest you the honeymoon plans that’ll suit you and your spouse.

We can TAILOR your honeymoon designs around any new places of interests you can come up with. 

Since WE CARE about your HEALTH, all our honeymoons will be designed BREAKFAST and DINNER inclusive - unless you specially love to enjoy the local food.

The AMBIENCE of the hotels and the VIEWS we provide are carefully curated to ensure you make the most out of your trip. There’s nothing as awesome as having a morning tea - in a lounge overlooking the beach.

You’ll always be the centre of our plans - HOTEL CHOICES or TRANSPORTATION - you can choose your luxury type. After all it’s your honeymoon. 

Our FLIGHT CHOICES makes sure you have less down-time and more do-time. 

With the help of relationships we’ve built with hotel chains and entertainment houses, we also help you with discounts on hotels or attractions - saving you pennies that can help you do more.

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